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Canis Automotive Labs was founded in 2016 to provide innovative security technology for the automotive and aerospace industries. It developed the CAN-HG, an augmented and secure extension to standard CAN.

Canis was started by industry veterans Antal Rajnák (CEO) and Dr. Ken Tindell (CTO) who have a track record in successful automotive startups, including Volcano Communications Technologies (sold to Mentor Graphics) and LiveDevices (sold to Bosch). They also have a track record in successful automotive technology: Antal is the instigator of the LIN protocol used in all cars in production today and Ken originated academic work on CAN bus timing analysis and the design of the priority transmit buffer scheme used in most CAN controllers. Together they received the 1999 Volvo Technology Award for Multiplex for Volvo Car Corporation.

our focus

We are focused on making CAN bus fit for modern systems, augmenting it for security and performance by developing software, hardware, and silicon IP. We work with embedded software, microcontrollers, FPGAs, and ASICs, combining the results from the latest academic research with solid industrial experience to deliver best in class, future-proof solutions to our customers.

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Our HQ is in the UK near Cambridge and we have offices in Switzerland and the US.

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